Our comprehensive suspension service begins with a detailed inspection process designed to keep your ridesmooth and comfortable. We cover the following essential areas:

Shock Absorbers and Struts: We examine your vehicle’s shock absorbers and struts to assess their condition and effectiveness in maintaining optimal suspension performance.

Suspension Springs: Our team checks suspension springs for signs of wear and sagging, ensuring your vehicle maintains proper height and handling.

Control Arms and Bushings: We inspect control arms and their bushings to identify any wear or damage that could impact steering responsiveness and overall stability.

Steering Linkages: Our assessment includes a close look at steering linkages to confirm they’re in good condition, promoting accurate steering control.

Wheel Alignment: Proper alignment is crucial for even tyre wear and stable handling. Our experts ensure your wheels are aligned according to manufacturer specifications.

Tyre Wear Analysis: We examine tyre wear patterns to detect any suspension issues causing uneven wear, addressing them to extend tyre life and enhance safety.

Bearing and Joint Inspection: Our examination includes bearings and joints to identify any play or excess wear that could lead to instability or noise.

Chassis and Frame Check: We assess the chassis and frame for any signs of damage or misalignment, ensuring the structural integrity of your vehicle.

Lubrication and Maintenance: Proper suspension function relies on well-lubricated components. We perform necessary lubrication and maintenance to keep your suspension in top shape.

Final Road Test: We conclude our service with a road test to verify that your suspension is operating as intended, providing you with a smooth and controlled driving experience.

At Das Van Haus, we also offer a lowering service. Whether to improve  handling response, or just to look a bit cooler, we’ll make all necessary adjustments to maintain a smooth ride.

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