Our in-house interior alterations and re-trimming service, Das Trim Haus, is all about transforming your vehicle’s interior into a personalised oasis of comfort and style. We take meticulous care to revamp and reinvigorate various elements of your vehicle’s interior, ensuring it matches your unique preferences. Our service includes:

Custom Carpet Retrimming: Whether it’s a luxurious upgrade or a practical replacement, we offer custom carpet retrimming to breathe new life into your vehicle’s flooring. Choose from a range of colours, materials, and textures that suit your taste and lifestyle.

Seat Upholstery: We provide a complete seat makeover with upholstery that caters to your desired aesthetics and comfort. From classic to contemporary, we offer an array of fabric, leather, and stitching options to enhance your seating experience.

Door Panel Refurbishment: Our experts rejuvenate door panels by replacing worn materials, enhancing their appearance, and ensuring a cohesive interior look.

Steering Wheel Customization: Elevate your driving experience with a personalised steering wheel. Choose materials, colours, and designs that match your vision, making your time behind the wheel even more enjoyable.
Dashboard and Console: We offer options to refurbish, recover, or completely redesign your dashboard and console, giving your vehicle’s interior a fresh, cohesive appearance.

Headliner Replacement: A sagging headliner can impact the overall look of your vehicle’s interior. Our service includes headliner replacement, restoring the clean lines and aesthetics of your vehicle’s roof.

Interior Trim Enhancement: Regardless of the finish, we can upgrade your interior trims to match your desired style.

Customisation Consultation: Our team works closely with you to understand your preferences, guiding you through material and design options to create an interior that’s uniquely yours.

Quality Materials: We source high-quality materials that not only enhance aesthetics but also withstand daily wear and tear for long-lasting satisfaction.

Skilled Craftsmanship: Our skilled craftsmen meticulously carry out alterations and retrimming, paying attention to every detail to ensure a seamless and polished result.

Final Inspection: We conclude our service with a final inspection, ensuring that every element of your interior alterations and retrimming meets our high standards of quality.

From minor enhancements to complete transformations, our friends at Das Trim Haus are dedicated to delivering an interior that harmonises comfort, style, and your individuality.

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